※This tide level information is the information for the Kagoshima area. There is a slight difference on the Shigetomi Beach.

Shigetomi Beach has approx. 53 hectares of tidal flats.
This tidal flats appear when the tide level is lower than approximately 80 cm.
There are days when the tidal flats don’t appear, such as on days of a neap tide. Please check before visiting.

You can find a variety of creatures by walking along the tidal flats.
When walking on tidal flats, please wear rubber boots, marine shoes or sandals (those that can fix your heels).


  • Please do not enter the swimming area with SUP or sea kayaks.
  • When the wind or waves are strong, please do not enter the sea as it is dangerous.
  • Currently, Japanese littleneck clams (called Asari in Japan) and A shellfish called Hamaguri in Japan are prohibited from hunting them in tidal flats, to conserve natural resources.
  • 【Shigetomi Beach at low tide.】
  • 【Shigetomi Beach at high tide.】